100% Design 2019

100% Design has fast become the largest Design trade event of its kind, celebrating quarter of a Century in providing a platform for industry professionals and some of the most influential people in the world of design.

New talent launched for its 2019 edition, including the likes of Martin Nielaba, Kohr, Urban Metal Works and Mikira.

With speakers such as David Rockwell, Max Fraser, Hannah Laikola and Bethan Ryder.

2019 marked 25 Years of 100% Design and the event brought a plethora of innovative key design features which included Design London, the new Underground Volume II, Live Manufacturing and Future Olympia.

Gainsborough Events Management Ltd have proudly been an integral part of the 100% Design team for more than five years, establishing a firm and experienced relationship with the Client and event.

Gainsborough staff delivered a professional service, with staff utilising the experience developed over the years at 100% Design and venue – Olympia.

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