To Provide Superior Event Security Services

Gainsborough Events Management is dedicated to delivering a superior and personalised Event Security Service with efficiency, effectiveness, honesty and integrity at its core.

We continually strive to improve our delivery and quality of service with a personal approach designed to promote long-lasting, beneficial working partnerships.

We monitor, test and audit our performance, delivery methods and administration processes, so as to maintain and progressively improve the efficiency and value of service that we supply. We embody a commitment to superior customer service and an attentiveness to our Clients aims, needs and values.

Values Statement

In pursuit of our commitment to supply an impeccable quality of service and our commitment to our Clients, Gainsborough will:

  • Supply a strong and effective management and supervisory structure
  • Operate an effective and efficient control and administration base
  • Utilise the experience, knowledge and specialist skills of our organisation’s staff to the benefit of the assignment, our Clients and our Clients Customers
  • Promote staff development through training and management to achieve a superior operational provision
  • Ever strive to establish a close working relationship with our Clients, their Customers, Stakeholders and other related service providers to the benefit of the assignment

Company Ethos

Gainsborough has achieved its present reputation through the philosophy of:

  • Presentation and image
  • Full and comprehensive assignment knowledge
  • Operational procedure and duty knowledge
  • Operational cooperation and team unity
  • Customer-friendly service

These principles have enabled Gainsborough to provide a superior quality of service across a full spectrum of events including Exhibitions, Music Festivals, County Festivals, Major Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Media Events and Manned Guarding Assignments.