Boomtown 2018

Boomtown 2018 has firmed its position as one of the UK’s most eclectic, diverse, universal and mesmerising Festivals; with scenery to blow your mind teamed with a variety of Districts, including – Town Centre, Lion’s Den, Old Town, Copper County, Paradise Heights, Whistlers Green, Kidztown, Forest Parties, Sector 6, Dstrkt 5, Barrio Loco, Metropolis, Diss-order Alley and Bang Hai Towers.

Boomtown artists provided a range of exciting musical talent and entertainment, from show headliners ‘Gorillaz’ and ‘Limp Bizkit’ there really is a little of everything for everyone!

Gainsborough Events Management Ltd proudly entered their 3rdYear as one of Boomtown’s official Security Contractors, working alongside and in support of the other Security Providers on site.

Our committed Team provide site wide positions which include Response, Pit Crew, Viewing Platforms, Bars and Campsites.

Our Response Teams work closely with the Festival to ensure a caring and professional support to all attendees.

Our Admin Team organised a proactive and rapid deployment system, putting to use our unique book on system.

Gainsborough pride themselves on continuity and once again maintained relationships between Zone Supervisors and Zone Managers; with many staff returning to positions that they already hold a wealth of experience and knowledge in.

Gainsborough would like to offer a sincere ‘thank you’ to all staff that helped make Boomtown 2018 a huge success!

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