Working at Festivals

Places are limited – please register early

Applicants must be 18 years old or over for Steward positions and 21 years old or over for SIA positions. All applicants must meet all our requirements.

The work is rewarding and enjoyable but can be physically demanding – you will be on your feet for most, if not all of your 12 hour shift BUT you can attend the festival at any time when you are not on duty.


Shifts are all 12 hours. If you have a preference for day or night shifts we will do our best to accommodate your preference, although there are no guarantees. Positions will be allocated on-site.


Rates of pay vary depending on experience, and will be discussed in further detail upon application.

All staff are required to complete an application form and to read and sign our terms and conditions, which we will send you once you have registered your interest.

We will provide

  • A private campsite within the grounds
  • Private basic toilets and shower facilities
  • An off-duty seated rest area
  • 2 hot meals a day from private caterers (these will be provided once you have begun your first shift, so make sure you can support your meal requirements beforehand).
  • Wristbands to enter the festival once you are off-duty (a deposit may be required)


You must provide your own black combats / trousers and appropriate black footwear (no open-toe shoes). We will provide you with a tabard, t-shirt and jacket. Please bring sufficient warm clothing to wear beneath your uniform and waterproofs, and your own jacket for when you’re off-duty.

Items of uniform must be handed back in at the end of your last shift. Charges for missing items may be deducted from pay.

You will need to provide

  • Your own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
  • Sufficient pairs of black combats / trousers
  • Practical black work boots / shoes (no open-toe shoes – it’s a good idea to bring wellies)
  • Warm clothing to wear under jackets (especially on night shift)
  • Waterproof clothing (jacket and trousers recommended)
  • Off duty clothing (You cannot wear uniform when entering the festival off duty – please provide your own jacket)
  • Creature comforts (especially spare toilet roll for off-camp, drinks and munchies – bottles can be filled with water on-site)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (plain black or dark in colour)
  • Antihistamine (for hay fever sufferers)
  • Ear plugs (for light sleepers)

Professionalism and Conduct

Within the confines of our private rest area you can relax and enjoy ourselves as if you are regular festival-goers. We want our staff to enjoy the event.

We are not opposed to anybody having fun and like to think that our staff will go to work with a happy and friendly attitude.

We do, however, expect our staff to bear in mind at all times that whether you are on or off-duty, you are representing Gainsborough Events Management and to act accordingly.

How to Apply

To apply for summer festival work in UK with Gainsborough, please download and complete the application form and appropriate tax form below, and return them by post to:

Gainsborough Events Management
The Little Barn,
Waltham Hall,
Bambers Green,
CM22 6PF

i) Pages 5-7 are for your information only and need not be submitted.
ii) To ensure you are assigned the correct tax code, please complete a P46. If you are a student, please complete a P38 instead.

Download an Application Form:
Application Form.pdf

Download Tax Forms:
P38 Student Form.pdf
P46 Form.pdf

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We Are Solution Provider

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