Facial Recognition Staff Database Systems

Accurate & Transparent Duty Rosters

With our own custom designed software, the Aurora system enables us to store individual staff information including qualifications, address and all other data required under the SIA, including other information that relates to specific duties carried out on assignments.

Once enrolled in the system, an individual enters their unique PIN number using the touchscreen display or presents a proximity card and selects whether they are signing in or out of duty.

An infrared camera in the screen then captures an image of the individual, comparing it to the images held by the system and in less than a second, verification is ascertained or denied.

This ensures that there is no way that anyone can book in using a PIN allocated to another member of staff. Once the job is complete, our software enables to collate an exact to-the-minute timesheet of all staff activities, which can be broken down into various reports according to the Client’s needs.

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